Ask the Sugar Rush Gryphon!
"I don't wanna sound awkward or anything, but is there any chance you know where Sean's parents live. He left a lot of names, but not many actually geographically locations."

"I…I don’t know."

She nods and slows down a bit, the gap between them was increasing."I'm sorry to hear that, you seem like a pretty good guy. Well you know for a griffon." She shoots him a coy smile.

He sighs, picking up his pace.

"I’ve been told that."

She went at a speedy pace hoping that the griffon could keep up. "Why did you guys stop dating." She pauses and shakes her head. "That was inappropriate of me to ask, sorry."

"I…it’s complicated.  There was a human…named Ink.  He’s my mate now…so Sean and I…drifted apart. And we broke up."

"It was hard on us all. Alright stay behind me and don't get lost." She grins and takes off. "So how long had you and Sean been seeing each other?"

"S-sean and I dated for a few months…" he follows.

"Huh I guess that explains why you were marked as a special friend in his notebook." She smiles and nods. "Hurry up and pack your bags, if we leave soon we should be at the fort by nightfall."

"Okay." The griffon returns within minutes, a bag held tightly in his beak as he sets it on his sides.

"I…I still can’t believe he’s gone…"

She smiles and places a hoof on his shoulder giving him a little reassuring pat. "My name is Gara, I was one of Sean's comrades." She sniffs and looks away. "I was uh there when he passed."

"Y-you were?" he sniffles. "S-Sean…H-he…he was my ex."

"It's a couple hours away so you might wanna pack yourself a bag or something." She sighs and rubs her leg. "He's buried next to his old home so you can stay there for the night."

"Th-thank you, ma’am…what’s y-your name?" he shook, wings folding in.

"They-they're lying, right? He can't be dead. He c-can't."


…Stay safe, buddy…” Sean’s spirit watched Icarus, the griffon’s broadsword marking his grave.

Icarus knelt on the ground, eyes downwards as he watched.  

"Sean…I should have forgiven you…I wish you’d forgiven me…now look at us.  It’s too late."

She nods and looks away feeling ashamed. "He is dead." She stuttered saying the 'd' twice. "I put him in the ground myself. If you want I can take you to his grave, or tell you where it is."

"Y-yeah, that’d be g-good."

She rubbed the bottom of her hoof against her cheek and sighed. She looked up and sniffed once. "A couple of days ago there was an incident between Sean and a pony. During the incident Sean was mortally wounded and passed away." She looked away not wanting the stranger to see her cry.

"S-Sean’s d-dead?"