ink-the-earthbound asked:

"Cool, thanks again." Ink climbs on Vindicar's broad back.

vindicarthehippogriff answered:

Hippogriff nods as he picks up the pace, easily carrying Ink. “So who else is coming? Zeph?”


If it’s okay with you, Ink. *Zephyr is casually walking beside the hippogriff with the human on his back.* I’d even bring some salmon to grill.

"What’re you guys doing?"

zephyrtheopinicus asked:

Cool. You work in the Kartery, right? What could that chocolate and peppermint patty be used for?

"It could be a wheel, or maybe if I enlarge it, it could be part of the body.  I’m still trying to draw it out." he gestures to the scrolls around him, showcasing various designs.