Anonymous asked:

(Ink receives a letter.) Dear Mr. Schmidt, your application to work part time as a night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (c) has been accepted. You begin work at midnight on Monday, August 18th, and will work Monday through Friday for one week. Please note that you may be called in for overtime on Saturday. Your shift lasts from 12am to 6am, and upon completion of the week, you will recieve a check for $240. More information will be provided upon arrival. Signed, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Staff.

ink-the-earthbound answered:

"Wow, this is great! I can’t wait to tell Icarus!" Ink puts the letter on his nightstand and goes back to his house chores.

"I…wouldn’t do that if I were you, Ink.  That job’s got some bad news written all over it!"


ink-the-earthbound asked:

"Cool, thanks again." Ink climbs on Vindicar's broad back.

vindicarthehippogriff answered:

Hippogriff nods as he picks up the pace, easily carrying Ink. “So who else is coming? Zeph?”


If it’s okay with you, Ink. *Zephyr is casually walking beside the hippogriff with the human on his back.* I’d even bring some salmon to grill.

"What’re you guys doing?"

zephyrtheopinicus asked:

Cool. You work in the Kartery, right? What could that chocolate and peppermint patty be used for?

"It could be a wheel, or maybe if I enlarge it, it could be part of the body.  I’m still trying to draw it out." he gestures to the scrolls around him, showcasing various designs.